Monday, November 15, 2004

Motion Knowledge Base Diving

There's a lot of fascinating stuff in the knowledge base on the Motion support site, but it's not terribly easy to get to. I wouund up searching for "M1300", which netted 173 results (in a not quite lightning-fast 63 seconds). Anyway...

As I've mentioned before, I'm a PocketPC user. Therefore, I'm used to using press-and-hold with a stylus to simlate a right-click. However, the default Tablet PC behavior is slightly different than its PocketPC equivalent: on the tablet, you have to hold longer before a right-click is simulated. With the aid of this knowledgebase article I was able to adjust that setting, and now my tablet behaves more like my iPaq. That makes me happy.

I'll continue to post interesting tidbits I find in the knowledge base, but I wish Motion would make these things easier to browse. And an RSS feed of newly added items would be the bee's knees!