Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Firefox TIP Fix?

I found an easy solution for the Firefox-TIP issue in the form of a Firefox extension: tpctip. From the site: "tpctip is a simple extension that lets a Tablet PC SP2 track the Mozilla cursor (by way of Mozilla accessibility support). This allows the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) work correctly."

Even though as other people have pointed out, "It doesn't support the shortcuts (.com, http, etc) like the TIP in IE does," it works perfectly for me. So, IE goes back in the trash and Firefox goes back in the Quick Launch toolbar.

Update: I can't figure out how to write a URL without spaces being inserted after the .'s. For instance, if I write "www.yahoo.com", I get "www. yahoo. com", which is a bit of a pain. Any ideas?

Update2: There's a thread on TabletPCBuzz about tpctip being incompatible with the newly-released Firefox 1.0. The saga continues.