Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Blogging the Tablet PC

Hi! My name's Charlie Wood, and I've been thinking of buying a Tablet PC ever since Motion Computing started selling them oh so long ago. Well, after years of hand-wringing, rationalizing, and fence-sitting, I've placed my order. Mind you, it's for a reconditioned demo unit, a previous-generation M1300, but it will be new to me.

What prompted me to finally take the plunge? A tragedy really. My wife's dusty old Latitude finally gave up the ghost. So I'm giving her my 1.6 GHz ThinkPad T40p (!) and downgrading (?) to a 900 MHz1GHz Tablet PC. I hope to take delivery in the next day or two.

Will it be cool? Will it be irritating? Will it make coach-class airline seats more comfortable? Will it change my life? Well, I don't know, but I'm going to find out. I'll be posting regularly (which I can say with great confidence, as I've done this before) so you can follow along at home and find out with me.

I invite you to comment on the posts here, or if it's more appropriate, to send me an email at Thanks for visiting!