Monday, December 06, 2004

OneNote 2003 Free + $45 Profit is selling OneNote 2003 for $54.99, which combined with a $100 mail-in rebate gets you OneNote for free plus a $45 profit. —via FatWallet

There has been some confusion over rebate requirements, but here's the skinny from a FatWallet forum member:

I just got off the phone wih the MS rebate customer service department. I talked to Mark and he said that the rebate form should be supplied by Amazon with the product. He said that if the rebate form is not included with the product, to call them back 1-800-622-4445, and they will email out a rebate form for this product. He went over the requirements for this rebate. He stated:
  1. The product must be one listed in the rebate (the SKU of S26-01031 is listed), and
  2. Must submit the box top from the MS One Note 2003 software box, and
  3. Must send in a copy of the sales invoice where purchased (I told him and he said no problem), and
  4. The rebate form. Again, he stated if the rebate form is not sent by Amazon with the product, then to just call the number (listed above) and the rebate form would be emailed.
I confirmed that these were the only requirements for the rebate. No proof of prior purchase of any MS products is necessary. He said to please allow 8 to 10 weeks for processing the rebate.
Heckuva deal.