Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Turning Meetings into Poetry

I spend too much time in meetings, especially status meetings that could be completely obviated by the use of internal corporate weblogs. But that's another story. Anyway, yesterday I was in such a meeting and decided to play around with my tablet's speech recognition. I started Word, fired up Speech Recognition, and let it try to understand the various overlapping conversations that were going on. It tried valiantly, and came up with something which, after only a few deletions and some added punctuation, reads to me like poetry:

A memorial, weather permitting
a little while and whether the air.

You are right- now I know
if the real... if really... if all of them were...
no way you're right.

An hour and a half and a handful of my heart
was initially not a lot at all.

the era of the car nears the area of overlap
the Italian and yet another man were in danger.
Much more beautiful than the discussion of launch plans, online demos, and alpha releases that I heard, don't you think? It seems my tablet is a romantic.